Laura Edwards

Laura Edwards in front of paintingA native of Virginia, Laura Edwards trained as a painter at Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina and at The University of North Carolina in Asheville, the art rich area of western North Carolina. She draws her creative experiences from working as a professional artist for over forty years.

The importance of color and its profound effect and influence on abstract planes and space are notably expressed within her canvases. She likes to describe her paintings as, “color driven atmospheric abstractions”. All of the paintings are intuitive; having no concrete reference, but they may evoke a familiar image.

Edward’s paintings, which are executed in oils and pastels, are primarily non-objective and non-representational. Simplified compositions are emphasized and made increasingly exciting and ethereal by her application of brilliant shades of color. She works “wet on wet” thus producing seamless fields of color within the format. Areas of the composition are drawn back into with Prismacolor pencil.

Her paintings can be found in private and public collections both nationally and internationally.

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