Glenda Taylor

After receiving her BFA in Ceramics at University of Florida, Glenda Taylor began her thirty year journey into clay. A fourth generation Floridian, she lives in Vero Beach, Florida, and has spent a lifetime exploring the coastal regions of the Southeast. She spends time in the Keys and the Bahamas, and her love of the ocean has resulted in hours spent diving and snorkeling, roaming the beaches, and researching the abundant marine and wild life therein. Taylor has been featured on the cover of the country’s most prestigious ceramics magazine, Ceramics Monthly, and has received recognition in Southern Living Magazine. She has exhibited in over thirty group shows, and her work is included in many distinguished collections, including the White House.

Taylor comes from a family grounded in the sciences. She is the daughter of a physicist and an engineer. It wasn’t until the middle of her sophomore year in college that she began to think that “finding out the mysteries of math and science was not as interesting as addressing the questions that art explores…. “Art asks questions that don’t have definitive solutions or concrete objective answers.” Even so, she found out that her background in math and science would pay off as she discovered that ceramics was the field to which she was most attracted.

“Working with glazes is pure chemistry and very mathematical…” Taylor’s extensive studies of ceramic art history have given her a deep respect for the ancient Mycenaean and Minoan potters: “I have found endless inspiration in those historic Greek Isle pots, mainly because they were made in a time and place where marine life was so intricately woven into the day to day well-being of the potters’ lives.” Her intricate glaze patterning and mastery of the thrown form combine to create evocative, provocative, and intriguing work. 

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